Quality Christian education for a better tomorrow

Learn and share experiences with colleagues as together we have a strong voice for a better education in Haiti


We have the obligation to provide quality service through respect and compassion for all the persons in need that we support.​


We aspire to a Christ-centred life.


We are a network organisation and all our members are equal. We all share the same mission. Above all, we need each other.


CRECH’s mission is to develop and strengthen Christian education in Haiti through the establishment of tools, structures and infrastructure to help improve the quality of teaching and academic performance of evangelical and protestant schools for the betterment of the community.


Empowering Education

In the pursuit of quality Christian education for every child, CRECH envisions a future where learning knows no bounds. We strive to ensure that each child has the right to a quality Christian education, setting the foundation for a transformative and empowered life.


Transformative Teaching

CRECH goes beyond classroom walls, transforming educators into inspirers. We train teachers, guiding them to be better educators, fostering a deep understanding of each student. We believe that by nurturing our teachers, we shape a brighter future for every child.


Joyful Learning

Elevating education to new heights, CRECH fosters active minds and joyful learning. We create manuals and curricula that make learning highly participatory, boosting curiosity and critical thinking. We believe in cultivating a classroom environment where every question sparks the flame of knowledge.


Children and young people in Haiti will be transformed through Christ-centred education. This will allow them to become agents of sustainable social transformation.

Stories of Transformation from Our Beneficiaries


"I am Sandra Dorcis, the mother of Santana Dimanche. On December 29, 2021, my house caught fire with my other child inside, in Cité Soleil. I lost everything. I was saving to pay for my daughter's education, but unfortunately, the fire took everything, and I have nothing left. Since the start of the school year, I have not been able to pay the school fees. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you provide to my daughter. Only God can reward you."
Sandra Dorcis
"I express my gratitude to Flambeau de l'Excellence School, CRECH, and the donor, because thanks to you, I have joy in my heart. Due to the financial difficulties I face, I couldn't afford to pay the school fees for my child Gautier Beno. Since the Cyclone Matthew that devastated the Grand Sud, I have struggled to meet the school requirements; I lost my home, and since then, I have been trying to juggle to rebuild it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me pay my child's school fees."
Father of Gautier Beno
"I send words of recognition and gratitude to CRECH and EduDeo for providing us with solid training, especially those on Distance Learning (DL), which have been very useful to me, especially during the period commonly referred to as the 'lockdown'. During this time, as a coordinator, I mobilized the teachers. Email and online training are used. This combination has yielded interesting results. All school stakeholders received the strategies used with great interest. Once again, thank you CRECH, thank you EduDeo."
Saraie Belabre